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metatron 3d nls

What Advantages Of Our New System metatron 3d nls?

What Advantages Of Our New System metatron 3d nls?

• Adaptation Of A Brand New System Of Continuous Scanning Developed For High-Performance Multidimensional Non Linear Scanners (Metatrons) Of Z Series, Thus Reliability Of Researches Is Increased Greatly.
• Research Speed Is Increased More Than 5 Times.
• The Main Peculiarity Of metatron 3d nls Is ‘Multidimensional Virtual Scanning’ That Allows Automatically Localize A Nidus Of Tumor, Hereditary Diseases And Reveal A Reason Of Its Appearance At Genome Level, By Sequential Passing Through Histological And Cytological Sections, Chromosomes And Going Deeper To Fragments Of Dna Molecule.

metatron 3d nls

13 Functions are only in themetatron 3d nls softare

13 Functions are only in themetatron 3d nls softare :

1.The standards groups setting.
2. Fixing the three selected research schemes.
3. Automatic determination of the entropy index.
4. Auto META-Therapy
5.Can choose scanning speed
6.More convenient customer management .
7.More flexible Diagnostic report editing .
8.More intuitive diagnostic report .
9.More research scheme.
10.More Comparison of the database.
11.Faster scanning speed .
12.Accurate anatomic structures.
13.User friendly.

metatron 3d nls

How About metatron 3d nls Clinical results?

How About metatron 3d nls Clinical results?

Randoms spectacular results obtained by metatherapy:
• Reduction in thedimensions until disappearance of benign tumors (ovarian cysts, uterine fibromes, fibrocystic mastopathy, synovial cysts).
• Maintenance of a disuresis of 500-1000ml/24 hours (isostenuria), of a hemodyalized patient for a year and a half.
• 3 year treatment of a patient with chronic myeloid
leukemia (associated with chemotherapy with Glivec).
• Partial restructuring of cardiac valves (reduction of a mitral insufficiency)
• Rapid biliary drainage; treatment of reno-vesicula lithiasis.
• Stabilization of certain forms of viral hepatitis (B and C), without conventional therapy.

The work presents 3 clinical cases with unique results through metatheraphy:

Multiple sclerosis, deep and superficial venous thrombosis of the lower limb on a patient with congenital hypercoagulation, fungoides mycosis in the state of cutaneous lymphoma of the T cell type.

The first two cases have presented with spectacular remissions after several sessions of metatherapy, remissions that have been stable for at least a year.
In the later case, the cutaneous lesions have disappeared after the first treatment, but reappear if the patient dismisses the treatment more than a month.
Metatheraphy has been introduced to the patient 3 and a half years ago, and during this time the patient refused treatment with interferon, without the disease progressing

1. Case
Female patient, 24 years of age with M.S. (multiple sclerosis).
Hospitalized March 2009 at the Elias Hospital in Bucharest with the diagnosis of diplopy recently installed.

MRI cranio-encephalic with contrast medium on 06.03.2009:
-3 active demyelinized lesions: one of 9/3 mm right subcortical right, another 9/6mm tangential with the left subventricular wall and another 7/3 mm right
temporal subcortical
-2 demyelinized lesions: one of 10/4 mm prerependicular on the right lateral ventricle and another 8/6mm perpendicular on the left lateral ventricle (posterior horn).
– Conclusion: the demyelinized bilateral supratentorial lesions, some with a certain active characteristic, with an aspect suggestive of M.S.; necessitates correlation with the clinic-biological data.

MRI cranio-encephalic with contrast medium on 26.01.2010 (after 6 metatherapy sessions and
without any other applied therapy)
-2 demyelinized lesions 7.5 and 5.5mm localized on the right parietal, supraventricular lobe.
-1 demyelinized lesion with lowered activation grade approximately 3.3 mm localized on the left parietal, supraventricular
3.06.09, 9.06.09, 18.06.09, 26.06.09, 17.07.09,

2. Case:
Female patient 32 years of age with D.I. Congenital deficiency of protein C anticoagulation.
Diagnosis: Left Ilio-femoro-popliteal thrombosis post surgical intervention for the excision of the right great saphenous vein.

ECHO DOPPLER – venous inferior limb 04.02.2009 Left inferior limb
• Ilio-femoro-popliteal thrombosis. Superior pole of the thrombus reaches the left common iliac vein , whose residual diameter at compression is 10mm.
• The residual diameter at compression of the external iliac vein is 12mm
• The common femoral vein: 15mm, with a small canal that circulates peripherally
• Superficial femoral vein: 8mm, without signs of repermeabilization
• A peroneal vein compressible, the other with a residual diameter of 4.4mm
• Thrombosis of one of the solear veins.
• Great saphenous vein: normal
• Lesser saphenous vein with the superior pole at the sapheno-popliteal junction, diameter at compression of
ECO DOPPLER – venous inferior limb 27.05.2009
Left inferior limb
• Ilio-femoro-popliteal thrombosis in process of canalization.
• Residual diameter at compression:
• Common iliac vein 3.5mm
• External iliac vein 4mm
• Common femoral vein 3.5mm
• External iliac vein 4mm
• Common femoral vein 3.5mm
• Superficial femoral vein 6mm
• Popliteal vein 2.3mm
• Peronial veins are compressible
• 2. Great saphenous vein: normal
• Lesser saphenous vein partically compressible with a residual lumen circa 2mm

Four (4) sessions of metatherapy were actualized, in the conditions in which anticoagulation therapy was deemed efficient for at least 6 months.

3. Case:
Female patient 68 years of age with T.D. Diagnosis: fungoides mycosis in the presence of a cutaneous T cell lymphoma.

The patient presents on 11.01.2007 for evaluation through telemetric non-linear analysis (Metatron method), being already diagnosed with fungoides mycosis in the presence of a T cell cutaneous lymphoma.
At the moment of examination, the presence of extensive thoracic lesions, as well as on the abdomen and limbs, especially at the level of elbow and inguinal plicae.
The first session of metatherapy was performed and lead to a spectacular recession of the cutaneous lesions, the patient no longer using topical ointments. This
remission of the lesions maintained itself as long as the patient repeated
the treatment at an interval 1-3 weeks.
The prolongation of the intervals determined a reappearance of the lesions.

The patient decided herself to quit the interferon therapy in 2007 due to the adverse reactions that she could no longer tolerate.

In the period from 2007 and May 2010, the patient did not present with significant modification of the hemoleukograme and other hematologic tests that were performed. Also, secondary changes of the internal organs did not manifest.
Besides the cardio-vascular medicine and local emollients, no other treatment was used besides metatherapy.
At the moment, the patient is in Switzerland for specialized investigations.
Astonishingly is the extreme tissue receptivity at the treatment with electromagnetic waves, the lesions regressing 12-48 hours from the time of therapy.

metatron 3d nls

metatron 3d nls vs MRI VS CT

metatron 3d nls vs MRI VS CT

The knowledge of this metatron 3d nls device can be compared to the knowledge of MRI and CT.

ATTENTION!!! – the purchase price of MRI is approx. HUF 300 million.

On the left side, the MRI image is displayed, on the right is the metatron 3d nls image representation.

Bioresonance scanners can be used to measure the vibration and distortion of qvantum energy vibration of the patient’s biology to determine what frequency spectrum energy is needed to restore biophoton communication, optimum cell energy levels, and the balance of other components.

Based on the resonant frequencies, you can measure the vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K, Minerals, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, Cobalt, Manganese Methionine, Threonine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Valine, Histidine, Arginine Amines, Heavy Metals, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Nickel, Fluoride, Molybdenum, Vanadium, Chromium, Arsenic, Antimony, Tallium, and other toxic substances. Measures Medicine, Alcohol, Dust, Smoke, Paint, Hair Color, Animal Hair, Metal, Sea Fish Meals, Milk, Allergy Sensitivity.

Results can be saved in printable tables by sending emails or printing out.

The metatron 3d nls Bioresonance Scanners technology incorporates this Frequency Therapy feature. 5718 can radiate spectral etalon frequencies, the organization using Frequency Therapy.

Based on the analysis of the instrument, every symptom can be recognized in time, and with Biofoton frequency therapy it is possible to remedy any changes.

metatron 3d nls

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