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3d metatron 4025 Review: Is it Worth It?

3d metatron 4025

What is 3d metatron 4025 what is nls?

What is 3d metatron 4025 what is nls?

3d metatron 4025 (basic physics and principles of equipment)

V.I. Nesterov

At the present day the science and the society in the whole have faced a problem of information overflow. Each day minor and major discoveries happen, each year dozens of new medical devices and systems appear. This is a good trend without questions. However a man is drowning in this ocean of information, he loses the whole picture.

Only a century ago to set a diagnosis a therapist required a patients himself and experience of thousands years of medical attendance. Today to set a diagnosis numerous expensive studies and analyses are required. But what helped a therapist to set correct diagnosis? It was that unexplainable sense we call intuition.

Out of 10 million bits of information only one is perceived, all the rest remain at the sub-consciousness sphere. Information from sub-consciousness sphere is extracted either on impulse or at the level of unusual altered states of consciousness: hypnosis, dreaming, meditation, after psychotropic agents intake.

The result of numerous studies in this sphere was creation of brand new equipment capable of breaching a barrier between the conscious and the subconscious. This process (controlled by researchers) can give enormous amount of information about the world around.

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics has created analogue-free research equipment allowing to monitor condition of biological object by changes in wave characteristics of organism tissues, separate cells, chromosomes and even enzymes and hormones. Non-linear diagnostic systems are the most advanced information technology which can be considered the most amazing and prospective achievements of the modern natural science.

Diagnostic devices based on the study of torsion fields of biological objects are unique and have no analogues in the world. Numerous experiments which have been conducted by the Institute of Practical Psychophysics together with International institute of theoretical and applied physics headed by Academician Akimov, have shown a close correlation between the torsion fields and biological systems, specifying that such fields are used in biological systems as the means of both extracellular and endocellular interaction.

In simple words Academician Akimov’s theory of torsion fields (or “terminal” in accordance with classification of T. van Hoven) may be explained in the following way. Modern physics operates with these four levels of substance: solids, fluids, gases and ionized elementary particles (plasma). Modern studies show that there is another level of reality exists – the torsion fields.

According to modern concepts, electromagnetic fields are generated by charge, gravitational fields – by mass, whereas the torsion fields are generated by spin, i.e. an angular operating torque. Just as any object with a mass creates a gravitational field, any rotating object creates a torsion field. Torsion fields have a number of unique properties.

They transfer the information without transferring energy, they spread practically instantly to any distance, and they are not shielded by known environments. Besides, they have one more surprising property – they promote self-organization of substance, including living matter.


The now available theoretical and experimental base of the torsion fields’ paradigm allows considering them as the same reality as electromagnetism and gravitation… Electromagnetic fields always contain a torsion component, which is an important fundamental factor.

The torsion field will occur both in an electrostatic field, and in an electromagnetic emission… Misunderstanding of this circumstance often resulted in that many phenomena generated by the torsion fields, were vainly explained by the electromagnetic phenomena.

So, how the biological systems distinguish and recognize the necessary information from the background noise and how the extracellular and endocellular communications occur?

This refers to sensational results achieved during longstanding studies by Moscow scientists Petr Garyaev and Georgy Tertyshny.

The research made it clear that DNA molecules, chromosomes and proteins are capable to generate coherent torsion emission, just like lasers. In other words, they are original transmitters with a recustomized wavelength. At the same time, they act as receiving antennas.

These very DNA properties ensure wave interchange of genetic information in an organism, significant part of which, as we have established, is stored in the chromosomal apparatus. The human body is one of the most complicated spin systems.

The complexity of its spacial-frequency torsion field is determined by a tremendous set of chemical compounds in the organism and the complexity of their distribution therein, and also by the complex dynamics of biochemical metamorphosis in the course of interchanging. Each person can be considered as a source (generator) of a strictly individual torsion field.

Each physically healthy person has a background right-hand torsion field. Extremely rarely, in people, suffering from severe diseases (basically of the oncological nature), the field sign changes to the left. The background static torsion field of a healthy person has a sufficiently stable value.

3d metatron 4025 is based on a new physics of quantum-entropic interactions – Quantum-entropic logic theory.

These are the main postulates of this theory:

The fact that information is a material category is acknowledged. Previously existing physical theories describing information interaction in environment (information theory of Claude Shannon, cybernetics of Norbert Wiener) regarded information as some mathematical abstraction, they described basic laws of information exchange, but did not reveal its physical essence.

Quantum-entropic logic theory is the first theory revealing physical essence of information interaction and describing interaction of mass, energy and information.

Quantum-entropic logic theory postulates:

1. Information is a material category, just like energy and mass of a system.

2. Due to the fact that information is material it follows the conservation law. Information cannot disappear without a trace or appear from nowhere. Total amount of information in a closed system (a system, which does not exchange mass, energy and information with environment) – is a constant value.


In 1923 duke Louis de Broglie, a young French nobleman, assumed that wave properties are typical not only for light but for matter also. His arguments were that Einstein’s equation

E = mc2

links mass with energy, but on the other hand Einstein and Planck linked energy and wave frequency. Combining these two principles one may conclude that mass should have wave incarnation also.

Quantum-entropic logic theory expands de Broglie conclusions to all material mediums, including information. It shows that all matter display wave properties.

Quantum-entropic logic theory offered a formula for information wave radiation quantum, which links in with energy of a system through Planck constant.


(h – Planck constant)

links energy of any material system with level of its complexity, in other words, with level of its structural organization. Level of complexity (structural organization) is the same essential quality of any material system as mass and energy of this system.

Information has even more universal character than mass, because a number of fundamental particles, such as photon and gluon have no mass at all. But all material objects, with no exceptions, have more or less complex structure, that is why we probably should speak not about quantum-wave dualism (where “wave” term means force fields only), but about trinity in description of material world, when information is included into equation together with mass and energy as a full member.

Thus it was postulated that information, like energy, is described by quantum equations. Also it says that there is a physical field of information and physical particles able to carry information.

Conclusions of Quantum-entropic logic theory are the following:

1. Any material object of biological or non-biological nature increases its level of structural organization when it absorbs information from environment, i.e. it becomes more complex and stable.

2. Any material object of biological or non-biological nature decreases its level of structural organization when it loses information, thus it becomes less stable and more disorganized. For biological object loss of structural organization (information) means worsening of adaptive behavior, development of diseases and, finally, death of an organism.

3. There is always information noise around any destructing object which that loses information. The more intense destruction of biological object is, the more acute course of disease is registered and the higher level of information noise around that object.

Therefore if we measure level of information noise around biological object we will be able to judge about degree of destruction speed in this object; and if we measure frequency

properties of noise background we will learn what tissues in an organism were destructed and changed more than others, because every tissue in a living organism has its specific radiated spectrum different from the others.

Elementary particles have 2 values of spin. Therefore torsion fields are divided into 2 types: right-hand polarized torsion (information) field and left-hand polarized torsion (entropic) field.

Influence of right-hand polarized torsion (information) field to any physical object, including biological ones, improves level of its structural organization thanks to information saturation. Effect of left-hand polarized torsion (entropic) field is related to worsening of structural organization of any material object due to loss of information.

But why these fields influence differently to all material objects including biological ones? The thing is that our Universe is characterized by global asymmetrical distribution of material particles.

In our world negatively charged electrons prevail over positively charged positrons and positively charged protons prevail over negatively charged hadrons, which results in significant prevalence of matter aver anti-matter in our Universe. Also great prevalence of left-hand polarized particles over right-hand polarized particles is noted in the Universe.

Information exchange, expressed in amount of information transferred from one system to another, may be relatively efficient only with more or less equal ratio of left-hand and right-hand polarized virtual particles. It appears from this that the more right-hand polarized particles in a system are, the more information it can contain.

Thus information capacity of any system is directly related to increasing gradient of right-hand polarized torsion field in relation to left-hand polarized field.

We cannot register torsion fields directly due to their great penetration power. We can judge about effect of torsion fields to a biological system by indirect signs. We already said that torsion field is a component of magnetic field. Torsion field, as we know, has 2 types of polarization – left-hand and right-hand; magnetic field also has 2 poles – north and south. In accordance with laws of physics left-hand polarized torsion field will be generated around north magnetic pole.

At the same time right-hand polarized torsion field will be generated around south magnetic pole. Permanent magnet always has two poles – north and south: where north magnetic pole is universal destructor – when it influences a system it will lose information; and south magnetic pole, which in its turn will be the universal protector – accumulating information in a system.

3d metatron 4025

What is 3d metatron 4025 quantum biofield scanner?

What is 3d metatron 4025 quantum biofield scanner?

Vector NLS: Quantum Biofield Scanner

Detection of biofield pathological processes before disease
Biofield energy analysis of chronic health issues
Visualization of anatomical biofield energy levels
One click overview of all organ biofield systems
Allows holistic professionals to see the Invisible
Early detection of low energy anatomical biofield states
Pre-disease biofield states analysis & comparisons
Biofield balancing therapy options available
Remedy balancing options can be analyzed
Easily integrates with ZEB biofield balancing devices
Homeopathic therapy remedies created in minutes
Bioresonance balancing for Meta-states, pathogens & allergens

Vector NLS recognizes energetic imbalances in the:

Osteo-skeletal system (bones, joints, muscles, etc.)
Lymphatic system, lymph nodes individual
Vascular system (coronary vessels, arteries, veins, capillaries)
Nervous system, (brain, spinal cord, hypothalamus, pituitary)
Urogenital system (kidney, bladder, ovaries, uterus, prostate)
Respiratory system (lungs, trachea, bronchi, etc.)
Digestive system (stomach, intestines, esophagus, liver, etc.)
Endocrine system (thyroid, adrenal glands, etc.)

Vector NLS recognizes these biofields:

Bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites
Blood components, hormones and enzymes
Allergens (up to 500) and environmental toxins
Food, herbs, homeopathics, pharmaceuticals etc.

Vector NLS provides support to return to a harmonious state of health by:

Patient energetic compatibility with homeopathic products, herbs, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, & foods
Delivering Meta-therapy balancing treatments
Using the resonance chamber to test optimal remedies
Delivering homeopathics, mineral and many other frequencies for balancing of pathological processes
Comparing previous examination changes and results
Making Remedy solutions from the remedy database.

Biofield Scanning/Therapy Groups

The Vector Non-Linear System (NLS) uses the most advanced Quantum Medicine Analysis technology today. Modern day research on energy fields around plants and animals has concluded that there exist extremely weak, frequency specific, vortex magnetic fields around biological systems. People have utilized this knowledge for thousands of years in the ancient disciplines of the Yoga-Chakra traditions, the Chinese Medicine traditions and others.

The Vector NLS performs biofield analysis for organ biofields, the cellular biofield level, chromosomal biofield level and microorganism biofield level. Others have characterized the accuracy of the Vector NLS to have an accuracy between 80 – 95%.

The principles of the Vector Device have their origins in bioresonance research that started in the 1950’s by scientists in the USA, Japan and Russia. Since that time, hundreds of millions of dollars have been channeled into testing and improving the technology to its current levels of excellence. The database that lies at the heart of the Vector NLS contains exclusive information resulting from Russian developers examining and treating over 100,000 patients with over 1,000 health issues.

3d metatron 4025

What 3d metatron 4025 SPECIFICATIONS:

What 3d metatron 4025 SPECIFICATIONS:

Software with Lifetime of Software Upgrades

Internal frequency generator

Incoming signal filter

Resonance chamber

Accurate anatomic structures

Histological virtual models

Metapathia GR Professional



3d metatron 4025

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